The Fair Work Commission has announced a 3.75% increase to the National Minimum Wage and minimum award wages, effective from 1 July 2024. This change will see the National Minimum Wage rise from $882.80 per week ($23.23 per hour) to $915.90 per week ($24.10 per hour). This increase affects all employees not covered by an award or registered agreement.

Australia vs. Other Countries: Minimum Wage Comparison

  • Australia: From 1 July 2024, AU$24.10 per hour.
  • USA: Federal minimum wage USD$7.25 per hour (states may vary).
  • UK: £10.42 per hour for those aged 23 and over.
  • Canada: Provincial rates, e.g., CAD$19.00 per hour in Nunavut.

The wage increase is expected to benefit approximately 2.6 million workers, providing an additional $33 per week or $713 annually. The federal government has welcomed this change, emphasizing its importance in helping low-paid workers cope with rising living costs.