The QS Best Student Cities Rankings for 2025 have been released, and Australia boasts remarkable achievements. Melbourne and Sydney have both secured spots in the top 10, with Melbourne in 5th place and Sydney in 6th. This ranking highlights their ongoing appeal to international students, thanks to factors like university quality, student mix, desirability, employment opportunities, affordability, and positive student feedback.

How Are the Rankings Determined?

The QS Rankings assess cities on six key categories:

  1. University Rankings: Presence and performance of universities.
  2. Student Mix: Diversity and proportion of international students.
  3. Desirability: Safety, pollution levels, and overall appeal.
  4. Employer Activity: Employment rates and employer opinions.
  5. Affordability: Cost of tuition and living.
  6. Student View: Feedback on friendliness, sustainability, and diversity.

To be eligible, a city must have a population over 250,000 and at least two ranked universities.

Other Australian Cities in the Top 50

  • Brisbane: 25th, high scores in student mix and desirability.
  • Adelaide: 28th, noted for student view and mix.
  • Canberra: 29th, praised for student mix and employer activity.
  • Perth: 35th, highlighted for affordability and rankings.

Additionally, the Gold Coast made it into the top 100 at 93rd place.

Australia’s continued strong performance in the QS rankings underscores its global appeal as a destination for higher education.

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Source: QS Best Student Cities Rankings for 2025