Study & Live in Australia - Free Seminar in Tashkent

Join Study & Live in Australia webinar organised by MultiPath Australia and get study & career advice.

🗓️ Thursday, 07 March 2024
19:00  Tashkent Time

📍 City Palace Hotel, Amir Temur Street 15, Tashkent 

Event Registration Closed 🛑

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Join Our Free Seminar in Tashkent

Learn about the study options in Australia and career opportunities. Torrens University offers up to 30% scholarships for new international students from Uzbekistan.



Torrens University
Area Manager Europe & CIS

Javohir Jakhongirov

MultiPath Expert
Office Manager Uzbekistan

Jaloliddin Abdurakhmanov

Torrens University Graduate
Guest speaker

Gabriel Radu

MultiPath Expert
Education Consultant

Why Study in Australia?

High Quality Education

Australian universities are among the best universities in the world. There are some of the best academic institutions around the country, offering competitive programs and stunning campuses.

Work Rights

From 1 July 2023, international students can work 48 hours per fortnight during the study period and full-time during holidays. 

Bring Your Family with You

An international student with a student visa of 12 months or longer is allowed to bring in their family members, spouses and their kids of less than 18 years who are dependent on them.

Your partner can Work Full-Time

If the student is studying a masters degree or a doctorate degree, the partner will have full and unlimited work rights. There is absolutely no requirement for any kind of job offer.

Global Recognition Degree

Degrees from Australian schools are recognized all over the world. Graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after by both the country’s own and international employers.

Graduate Temporary Visa 485

The ‘post-study work visa’ allows international students to work in Australia after completing their degree in Australia. You can stay up to 6 years, depending on your qualification.

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Why choose MultiPath?

We are globally-minded professionals who put our students first. The passion for relevant learning and the motivation of offering educational opportunities bring us here.

We have a good insight into Australian universities from previous work with Australia schools and universities

We guarantee the admission process.

Excellent Visa acceptance rate for Uzbek students

We are registered education agents ready to help.

We can enrol you to any Australian institution, depending on your eligibility.

MultiPath Expert

A team of competent agents with worldwide experience. We collaborate with Australian migration agents.

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Why Torrens University?

Torrens University is Australia’s international university with campuses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne

Scholarships available for Uzbek students up to 30%;

#1 fastest-growing university in Australia;

Industry placements for all programs;

Students in 2023


Employability Rate

Industry Placements